Good Grief


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released December 25, 2015



all rights reserved


DAMIAN WEBB California

please enjoy.
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Track Name: Damian Webb - Good Grief
<samples appear in these>

<Sample: Every speaker has a few candy sticks, here's an idea about a future of where...>

I appeal to it
what's the deal here?
What does it really, really, really feel like?
I eat meat,
I smoke shells
I sniff sheets,
I hear bells
yeah ooo
you got shook up outta your crabtree
and you rolled down the hill after me

<S>cursed by the void


(I love to...I love to create)


The emporors nude clone
Priceless in every way
Thankful for every day
You gonna keep us safe?
Are you gonna keep us safe?
You gonna keep us safe?

I haven't seen you in forever,
Let me chew your cud
Don't gimme that goodbye crud!

It's a heart skip and a jump away!
I ain't in yer choir,
But you can bit my wire!
(Sample:you may want to pause for a moment and ponder your own life before it is revealed...You are the key!)

Reach out to that big moment...
And like so many things,
It just crumbles in your hand!
Ah-air, Ah-air, air
I'm ridin on a snowflake!
Way off bass
I am laced. (Air, Air!)
I am defeat,
But I'm not trippin'
I'm kickin it!
Haha, go 'head
Criticise me now
(Cinnamon spices, that's the flavor)
Why yes it's true that-uh
I would go anywhere for that cut
Every morning I wake up to an angel's breath
I'm 'bout to stick my nose in it...
It just crumbles in your hands.

How's that grab you, sucker? Punk?


Kneel down &
b/preach the contra-h-h-uh act
I'm fad/ted and I'm alone in the world.
O-oo-oo-o, Yeah uh, Why?
I wish it wasn't over easy.
Yeah, the sun's comin up...easy
Marrday me.
It's True
I've a message for all the true believer
Rethink it, Rethink it.

Lum-Dee-Daisy, Lum-Dee-Daisy-Doo

I can't help but feelin'
Just a little bit humble;
I could only buy the tiny size hovel,
up in that Halliburton Hubble.

You know, I hate to have to ask this, but
Did someone drop your name
on it's head when it was young?
A grin tried to slip you the tongue.
They are the room and WE
Wing Chun
Weighing none
I'm fa(t/d)ed and I'ma pervert the classics
Convert the masses (It was the room)
I could leave this passage unsung, I could leave
(*+*+*+*+)Constructed his whole palace out of monkey dung
And above a humongous pile of dub-loons he swung

Whole reason


Don't need these people 'round me
D'you think I'm tryin to get my throat cut?
I got my own backfade.
Don't need these people round, ye think
I'm try'na get my thraot cut?
I got my own back fade
I got my own back feed
I got my own back fade
Chilly Willy Now

It's important and I feel like...

Grind up on it
We're doin the dance
I never want it to go
(Awful thing)
Get out of my way, you ruin my day.
Track Name: Damian Webb - Goodness Gracious
+ +

I confused her, I confused her
I don't think there's so much we could say
Figure out who's ass to kiss before anyone else has kissed it
What was I gonna do but scratch the itche?

<sample (young boy):
Your penis can squirt in people's faces!
It's like a magic trick>

Two teeth bracelets
<young boy:If you feed your wee-wee pineapples...>
<sample:we must either love eachother or we must die>

<sample: see im a street kid, yknow? a hacker. Im not like one of these corporate eggheads>
<S: ...and half my bonus>
Let me see you
Let me see you Choogie-Choo
Now it's just a
I confused her, I confused her

<Vincent Price:Just think; No more hand cranking!>

I like to EBM
We both worship a ...
(Let me show you all)
Insult you
Insult you
False Ghod

The Chatanooogie Choogie
Then you'll come to this conclusion
Pay Bob Cratchit another lump of coal!
The Choo The Nooogie-Chooo

I like to Eat Bm
We both worship a
(we're creating sound consciously and consuming sound consciously)
<nah mean>
I like to EBM
we both worship a ...
insult you
insult you
i like to eat bm
<crip man:Fuck you>
INA: so do it in jamaica

<crip man:If I catch midair, you ain't gonna like it. Tryna manipulate my mind and play games with me...>

No one could I sense...
More pressure to enter.

< sounded to them like he was speaking in riddles, but he knew that paradoxical statements often reveal more...>



Im just tryin' to keep it all together
<S: I just want to give him his music>
Why am I so FIRE?
Dry heat. (3)
<S: Personally, I can't stand the shit... I'm more into the contemporary stuff. Fuck art, let's dance; You know what I mean?>
Nobody can hold me back
O, well.
Bingo Bango, Daddy Learned To Tango
Mungo Mongo, Mommy Learned To Mambo


Why am I so FIRE?

<S: electroshock, o boy this is like a dream come true, first i get an incredibly gorgeous genius girlfriend, then i get to be an experimental guinea pig>

<Mom: You don't want it to go bad; If you don't eat it, it could go bad.>

I'm gonna tune that
My thing this kingdom,
It's my winter

Got a thing goin with a mamasita

With all due reverence to you

but it is beautiful in a way
<S: I later learned>
You're cold housin!
Starlog, too fine!
Im not a needa
But I'll come out to meet ya
O, prayer
Nah, Nah, just kiddin!
So rude, sounds so rude.
They have a message for you
Smoke a fat sac, FAT SAC
<S: Is someone trying to get you to believe something just because other people do? Do you find yourself being persuaded?>

Aw fuk
I just wanna slap that sweet round ass
So come shake it in my face!

<Sample: is there something going on outside of my awareness thats having an effect on me?>

<Jackie Chan: Your attempts to spread evil will go no further>

But it aint no fight
It doesnt matter if its bullshit,
Its a catalyst for positive change in my own shit
Eeee...time. Mean time.
It doesnt matter if its gullshit
Its a catalyst for positive change in my ocean
It's scarey
Beeen a little trigger happy but NO
Smile way back all you want
Think I'm not a sucker for dick?


So I asked her what
What I asked her
So I asked her what other blaster could blast yer ass faster
So what I asked
So what I asked her
Blast yer ass fat

It sounds so rude
And the apple fell down off the tree and it cracked me
But it is beautiful
In a way
It is beautiful
It is beaut
In my appraisal, (Beaut) that flag needs an up-raisal.
Im crazy
Im a ways away.
At least I'm not...
<then he turns around, gets into his car and drives away>
<far removed in both time and space>
<but the statement>